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Гохберг Леонид Маркович



Dear Сolleagues, 

HSE University is pleased to announce a call for proposals with reports to take part in the 25th Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development(25th Yasin Conference).  

The key events of the 25th Yasin Conference will be taking place in Moscow from April 23 to 26, 2024.

Reports on new research results will be presented and discussed as part of the Conference’s sections. These reports will be selected through reviews of proposals. Furthermore, the Conference’s programme traditionally features expert discussions of the most pressing economic, social, internal and external issues in the format of roundtables and associated events. 

Proposals to present a report at the Conference may be filed until Tuesday, January 23, 2024. Applications for attending the Conference as a participant can be submitted until Friday, April 19, 2024. Further details are available on the Conference website in the section for ’Participants’.

The Conference’s events will be held in Russian or English. Certain discussions will be bilingual with simultaneous translation services provided.

With a view to involving participants from Russia’s various regions and all over the world, as well as bearing in mind that certain epidemiological restrictions still may be in effect, the 25th Yasin Conference will be held in a hybrid format.

A competitive selection of proposals submitted by young researchers from Russian regions for taking part in the Conference will be traditionally held as part of the 25th Yasin Conference.


Proposals for taking part in the Conference with a report will be focused on the following areas:

  1. Asian Studies;
  2. Geography and Geo-information Technologies;
  3. Demography and Labour Markets;
  4. Instrumental Methods in Economic and Social Studies;
  5. Corporate Finance in the Context of Global Challenges;
  6. Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policy;
  7. International Relations;
  8. Economic Methodology;
  9. World Economy;
  10. Science and Innovation;
  11. Education;
  12. Political Processes;
  13. Law in the Digital Age;
  14. Psychology;
  15. Healthcare Studies;
  16. Regional and Urban Development;
  17. Management;
  18. Social Policy;
  19. Sociocultural Processes;
  20. Sociology;
  21. Theoretical Economics;
  22. Smart City;
  23. Financial Institutes, Markets and Payment Systems;
  24. Firms and Markets;
  25. Data-Driven Economy.


How can I apply to present an individual report at the Conference?

Section reports must describe the results of original research, which is carried out with the use of contemporary methodologies. Report presentations should come to between 10 and 15 minutes.

The final deadline for filing proposals online via the HSE University’s Conference system is Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Proposals must be accompanied by detailed abstracts. Please refer to the requirements for formatting report abstracts below:

  • abstracts shall clearly state a problem at hand, as well as levels at which it has been analyzed, the research methods, key findings, their novelty and validity; 
  • in Word or RTF formats;
  • symbol count: between 2,000 and 7,000 symbols;
  • for Russian-language reports, abstracts must be written in both Russian and English, while for English-language reports – in English only.

Speakers may present one individual report and a maximum of two co-authored papers.


How can I submit a group proposal?

A team of authors for individual proposals, which should be registered with the HSE University Conference system, may, up until January 23, 2024, inform the Programme Committee about their intentions to present reports during the same session. To this end, they need to fill in a group application form via the HSE University’s Conference system.

Group proposals should satisfy the following requirements:

  • up to four reports during a given session;
  • up to two reports, presented on behalf of the same organization;
  • all individual proposals must be registered in the Conference system.

Please notethat proposals for the presentation of a single report with co-authors are individual and are not considered group proposals.  

After the submission of applications on respective Conference topics, one or several sections will be formed for each area. Each section, in turn, is divided into sessions, each coming to 90 minutes. Proposals with respect to shaping sessions’ contents may be considered by the Programme Committee when reviewing proposals and drawing up the Conference programme.


Expert reviews of proposals

Proposals will be selected in three stages as follows:

  1. removing those proposals which do not meet the aforementioned formatting criteria;
  2. expert assessments of abstracts with a focus on the novelty and validity of results (a proposal can be included into another topical area by the decision of heads of an expert group);
  3. decisions on the part of the Programme Committee in regards to the inclusion of reports in the Conference’s programme based on expert assessments.


Expert review results and confirmation of participation

Candidates will be informed about decisions to include reports in the programme for the 25th Yasin Conference or decline proposals as soon as the expert review outcomes are available, but no later than by March 27, 2024.

Authors of reports, selected for presentation at the Conference, must confirm their participation by Wednesday, April 3, 2024(inclusive), via their personal account in the HSE University Conference system, by specifying their preferred (face-to-face or remote) format of participation, and then, by Monday, April 8, 2024(inclusive), upload presentation slides in English to their personal account. This process serves as a prerequisite for the inclusion of reports in the final version of the programme.


Registration fees

Participation fee for listeners (participants without a report): RUB 3,000.See detailed information in the “Registration Fee Payments”.

Participation in the Conference will be free of charge for all other participants, including:

  • Students and PhD students from any University (upon presentation of their Student ID);
  • HSE University’s staff (upon presentation of their staff ID badge);
  • Honourary guests invited by the Conference Programme and Organizing Committees.

Detailed information on the registration fee payment procedure can be found here.

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