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Leonid Gokhberg


Valeria Judice, Connie Vedovello

The biotechnology innovation system of Brazil

2007. Vol. 1. No. 2. P. 28–36 [issue contents]

Scientific and technological development of the past 30 years, and a breakthrough in the field of biotechnology resulted in appearance of new knowledge-based industries related to knowledge and technology, interdisciplinary life sciences. It covers a variety of sectors, products, processes and services, entering into such sectors as health, agriculture, food processing, environmental protection, new materials and energy sources. Biotechnology industry is far from an organizational maturity, as its capabilities in terms of practical applications and business processes have not yet been fully exploited. Nevertheless it managed to mobilize private and public investment into generation of knowledge and technologies, their distribution and use at the international level. Biotechnology industry plays an important role in the knowledge economy of Brazil. The country is characterized by rich biodiversity, and the last ten years have witnessed a rapid concentration of resources and talents in the field of biotechnology development, innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

Citation: Judice V., Vedovello C. (2007) Brazil'skaya innovatsionnaya sistema v sfere biotekhnologiy [The biotechnology innovation system of Brazil]. Foresight-Russia, vol. 1, no 2, pp. 28-36 (in Russian)
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