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Leonid Gokhberg


Marcus Anthony

Deep Futures: Transcending the Boundaries of “Money and Machines” Paradigm

2012. Vol. 6. No. 4. P. 60–72 [issue contents]

Marcus T. Anthony — Director, MindFutures (Australia). Email: marcus.a@mindfutures.com

Address: 32 Grant St., Morwell, Victoria, Australia, 3840

The world has been in a state of economic uncertainty since the 2008 financial crisis. Despite efforts by governments worldwide to stabilize the system and return to business as usual, the future remains unclear. Times of crisis are opportunities to introspect and to question deeply the foundations of society, culture and education. According to Einstein, “problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that createdthem». The hegemony of a critical/rational worldview in modern society, science and education results in the shaping of an artificially narrow, «money and machines” future that diminishes universal values and deeper psycho-spiritual needs of human beings. Such a narrow focus of policy will likely aggravate social and psychological problems.

The solution according to the author lies in the concept of Deep Futures, which is the base for the emerging discipline of Postconventional Futures Studies. Deep Futures has evolved from earlier expressions of Futures Studies. Deep Futures utilises recognised Futures methodologies and philosophies, but expands the depth of analysis and insight by incorporating additional tools and other ways of knowing not traditionally utilized by Futures practitioners.

A primary function of Deep Futures is to act as a provocation to dominant discourses. It provides an enhanced capacity for dissent – to challenge conventional Foresight and Futures work. Deep Futures thus allows overcoming boundaries of the critical/rational worldview, deepening the perceptions of the past, present, and future, and developing more performing strategies. The author examines the tools and processes of Deep Futures in detail and provides practical examples for their application.

Citation: Anthony M. (2012) Glubinnye issledovaniya budushchego: vykhod za ramki monetarno-tekhnokraticheskoy paradigmy [Deep Futures: Transcending the Boundaries of “Money and Machines” Paradigm]. Foresight-Russia, vol. 6, no 4, pp. 60-72 (in Russian)
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