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Leonid Gokhberg


Cristiano Cagnin1
  • 1 Center for Strategic Studies and Management in Science, Technology and Innovation, CGEE. , SCS Qd 9, Lote C, Torre C, 4 andar, Salas 401 A 405, Ed. Parque Cidade Corporate, Brasília-DF, CEP 70308-200.

STI Foresight in Brazil

2014. Vol. 8. No. 2. P. 44–56 [issue contents]

Globally, advanced countries and institutions put emphasis on Foresight studies that create spaces for structured dialogue with a focus on systemic or transformative innovation. Aligned with the coordination of societal actors the aim is to increase their ability to orient innovation systems to address common challenges. In doing so it increases the relevance of foresight activities and its impacts in the decision-making processes.

The paper describes evolution of Foresight in Brazil comparing it with worldwide dynamics. It highlights five partly interconnected Foresight generations and two Foresight modes, describes their essence.

Special attention is paid to activities of the Center for Strategic Studies and Management in Science, Technology and Innovation (CGEE). In order to promote a transformative change in this direction and support the design and implementation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies in Brazil, CGEE is shifting the focus of its foresight activities. It is moving from a focus on optimisation to one that builds a bridge between optimisation and contingency at the same time that it invites and embraces uncertainty, complexity and creativity throughout the process.

Our aim is to use the debates on future as a trigger to spark imagination and expand the collective understanding of the present. These are then translated into actual recommendations for policy design and implementation or into new strategic questions that should be investigated and addressed in order to reorient the Brazilian National Innovation System (NIS).



Cagnin C. (2014) STI Foresight in Brazil.  Foresight-Russia, vol. 8, no 2, pp. 46–55.

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