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Leonid Gokhberg


Dmitry Timofeev

Innovation and Cultural Divide in Electric Power Generation Industry

2010. Vol. 4. No. 4. P. 4–15 [issue contents]
Today the energy sector is involved into the process of  active search of innovative solutions. The emphasis there is on achieving a breakthrough in two basic areas — energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources.
Large corporations demonstrate high innovation performance focusing not only on the development of new technologies, but of particular importance — on restructuring of the organizational and governance mechanisms. Herein lies a profound contradiction, constraining the transformation of the industry. It refers to among the majority of employees belonging to middle and lower echelons a preconceived attitude towards innovation. It becomes apparent that the modernization of the Russian energy sector and the transition to an innovation-oriented path of development are possible only subject to the introduction of effective mechanisms of industry governance.

Citation: Timofeev D. (2010) Innovatsii i kul'turnyy bar'er v elektroenergetike [Innovation and Cultural Divide in Electric Power Generation Industry]. Foresight-Russia, vol. 4, no 4, pp. 4-15 (in Russian)
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