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Leonid Gokhberg


Technology Platforms, Long-Term S&T Forecasting and Foresight: A Week of International Workshops

2012. Vol. 6. No. 1. P. 74–85 [issue contents]

This is an overview of discussions held at three workshops at the Higher School of Economics from December 7 to 9, 2011. The events organized by the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge were attended by leading international experts in the field of Foresight and science, technology and innovation (STI) policy.

International workshops on technology platforms (TPs) have been held at the HSE on a regular basis since 2010. They address Russian and international practices in the shaping and functioning of  TPs and the possibility of adapting international best practices in Russia, thus serving as a learning forum. In 2011 the discussion focused on practicalities of cooperation between Russian and European platforms, including an assessment of the prospects for increasing coordination and building communications. Special attention was paid to some general issues concerning the creation and operation of TPs, like the involvement of companies in pre-competitive research, the distribution of intellectual property rights between parties, the strengthening of university-industry relations as a key element of TPs,  the involvement of government in the establishment and operation of platforms, and the role of small and medium-sized enterprises. The workshop participants also discussed opportunities and threats of international cooperation in STI as well as the contribution of TPs to further development of cooperation. The objectives, framework, and interim results of selected Russian and European platforms were presented.

The second workshop reported the results of  the Russian Long-Term S&T Foresight 2030. Compared to previous rounds,  the coverage of economic sectors and pool of experts was significantly increased through expansion of industry-related research. The current round presumes the implementation of 17 projects to be integrated at the next stage. Its findings will form the basis of strategic recommendations for innovative development of selected sectors, and it will be embedded into elaboration of STI policy.

The third workshop was devoted to the development of methodologies and international practices of Foresight studies. Particular attention was paid to new Foresight tools (i.e. horizon scanning, modeling, and game theory) and the factors that foster influential outputs and outcomes in successful Foresight.

Citation: (2012) Tekhnologicheskie platformy, dolgosrochnoe nauchno-tekhnologicheskoe prognozirovanie i Forsayt-issledovaniya: nedelya mezhdunarodnykh seminarov [Technology Platforms, Long-Term S&T Forecasting and Foresight: A Week of International Workshops] Foresight-Russia, 1, pp. 74-85 (in Russian)
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