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Leonid Gokhberg


International Workshop «Public Research Organisations and Industry-Science Links»

2013. Vol. 7. No. 3. P. 74–81 [issue contents]

International experience shows that research organisations play a special role in the development of innovation systems. They are influenced by the changing socio-economic environment, priorities and tools of government regulation. Initially focused on networking with universities, enterprises and government, research organizations have diversified significantly in terms of their objectives, strategies and functional mechanisms.

The international workshop «Public Research Organisations and Industry-Science Links» held on 18–19 July 2013 at the Higher School of Economics by the HSE Laboratory for Economics of Innovation (LEI) was devoted to a discussion of the state-of-art of research on the relations between science and industry, with a special emphasis on the role of research organisations as actors in innovation systems.

The workshop agenda addressed such questions as:

  • What lessons have been drawn from several decades of studying the relations between the public science base and industrial innovation (and innovation systems) more generally?
  • How are the institutional and funding structures of public research evolving? What drives these changes, and how far can we assess the consequences?
  • What is the need for, and consequences of, strategies and tools for performance evaluation at individual, institutional and system levels?
  • What are the needs for further research in this area?

The workshop was attended by the specialists from LEI and HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge as well as scholars from the University of Manchester (UK), the University of Brighton (UK), the University of Twente (Netherlands) and the National Research Council (Italy).




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