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Leonid Gokhberg


Daniel Sklarew 1, Jennifer Sklarew 1
  • 1 College of Science, George Mason University, ÑØÀ, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Integrated Water-Energy Policy for Sustainable Development

2018. Vol. 12. No. 4. P. 10–19 [issue contents]

Numerous studies indicate a close interdependence between the water and energy industries given that energy production is usually characterized by high water-consuming capacity and that increasing water availability requires significant energy costs. The integration of energy and water policies at the global and national levels is seen as a tool for achieving sustainable development goals. The paper analyzes the opportunities for countries to ensure equal access to clean water and electricity due to such integration. The case studies of India, Ghana, and Morocco illustrate how to achieve success when applying a nexus approach to water and energy policy.
This study offers unique contributions to the literature by providing a pioneering analysis of the relationship between global goals for energy and water access and national governments’ abilities to develop synergistic energy and water policies. The proposed approach to integrating energy and water use could be applied throughout the full range of sustainable development goals and will be crucial for the success of countries in their implementation.


Sklarew D., Sklarew J. (2018) Integrated Water-Energy Policy for Sustainable Development. Foresight and STI Governance, vol. 12, no 4, pp. 10–19. DOI: 10.17323/2500-2597.2018.4.10.19

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